Why does POPS/TCP need to Fundraise in addition to tuition?

To provide all the additional services and programs that make TCP students shine!


POPS Expenses for 2012-2013: Approximately $3800

Amount fundraised in 2012-2013: over $3900

(enough to cover expenses with cushion to roll over to 2012-2013)


Estimated POPS Expenses for 2013-2014



Music Program                                                              $600

Gymnastics Program                                                   $1,040

Hospitality Expenses                                                      $350

Playground Spruce Up Expenses                                     $210

Special Shirts Expenses                                                 $175

Sunshine Expenses                                                       $300

Miscellaneous Teacher/School Items                               $600



Proposed Fundraising Goals to meet 2012-2013 Expenses



Additional Events (to reach Expenses)

Spirit Wear                                                                 $500

Pumpkin Patch                                                            $175

Graduation Pictures                                                     $130