Our Facility

The education wing of TUMC was rebuilt in 2002 providing a clean and fresh environment for our preschool community. The preschool utilizes 10 rooms in the church as classrooms.  We also use the music room and multi-purpose room as needed for music and gymnastics.  The Director's office is located upstairs and she will be available between 9:00 and 1:00 for appointments.  Our classrooms meet the Virginia standard of 25 square feet per child.  

Religious Exempt Status

Trinity Christian Preschool operates under a Religious Exemption granted by the Commonwealth of Virginia's Department of Social Services', Division of Licensing.  Trinity United Methodist Church has submitted all the required documentation and adheres to all the applicable guidelines.


Trinity United Method Church has committed to provide basic necessities for the Preschool, such as the facility and utilities.  The TUMC congregation continue to provide needed funding for equipment and supplies for the Preschool through private donations.  Fundraising will be ongoing to provide funding for equipment, materials, and programming.  Voluntary, parental support with this task is essential.