Capacity/Student:Teacher Ratio

Trinity Christian Preschool currently has a daily capacity of 108 children.  Guidelines established in the Virginia code state the ratio of children to teacher will not exceed 10:1.  Our three-year old classes surpass this ration with only 8:1.

Student Qualifications

Children must be 3/4 years old by September 30th in order to enroll in the 3/4 year old class respectively.  Two year old children must turn 2 by the first day of preschool.  All children attemding TCP must be completely toilet trained.  Pull ups and training pants will not be permitted (Flexibility is given for the 2.5 year old class but pull ups are required - no diapers).  If a student has more than one accident per week for 3 consecutive weeks, he/she will be removed from the preschool.  In this case, the parents will lose both the current month's tuition, as well as the registration fee.  Children with special needs will be admitted on a case-by-case basis if it is determined that we can provide appropriate services.

Suspension or Dismissal from the Program

A student may be suspended or dismissed from the program based upon a recommendation from the Teacher and Co-Directors and as approved by the Preschool Board for the following circumstances:

(a) Serious negative behavior such as biting, etc.

(b) Inability of child to adjust to the preschool program

(c) Repeated noncompliance by student/parents

(d) Delinquency in payment of tuition and/or fees

Required Documents

Required documents include:  Registration Form, Official State-Issued Birth Certificate, School Entrance Health Form, and Emergency Information/Release Authorization Form.