Mission Statement

We are a Christian preschool committed to providing families with a supportive partnership in the education of every child with a quality curriculum and a nurturing environment.



  • We are a ministry of TUMC committed to teaching preschoolers about God’s love, spirituality, and Christian values.

  • We strive to provide a nurturing environment where children are treated with respect and dignity.


  • We individualize instruction to meet the unique needs, developmental stage, and learning style of each student to help them reach their full potential.


  • Our integrated curriculum uses a theme-based approach which is developmentally appropriate utilizing a variety of materials, activities, and teaching methods.


  • Our program addresses the four developmental domains of social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language growth to provide the whole-child with the foundation needed for their next school experience.


  • We aim to foster a partnership between every family and our school staff, as well as work cooperatively with the local public school.

Governing Body

The Preschool Board had the responsibility of establishing policies and procedures and assuring their implementation.  The Board is considered a "work area" under the Council of Ministries and the chairperson will be a member of the Council of Ministries and the Administrative Board.  

2019-20 Board Members


Position Name  
Chairperson Rosanna Jordan  

Board of Trustees



Finance Council



Staff Parish



TUMC Pastor

Tricia Riggs  

Director of the

Preschool Program

Amber Bray  

Member at Large


Parent Representative