P.O.P.S. (Parents of Preschoolers)

P.O.P.S. is our parental volunteer group designed to help you get involved in your child's education right from the start.  Studies show a direct correlation between parent involvement and student success in school.  It is never too early to be a part of your child's formal learning by helping in the classroom supporting special events.  In addition to helping in the classroom with activities, there may be occasional opportunities to support Trinity Christian Preschool with fundraiser endeavors.  We also plan to offer other resources to support your family through our Parent Resource Center.   

What is the Purpose of POPS? “To support TCP through fundraising and hospitality services and to provide for support of the director and staff to achieve TCP’s mission statement and philosophies."


Who can be a member of POPS? POPS is open to all parents and guardians of the students of TCP.


What are the POPS Offices? President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian Chairperson, Hospitality Chairperson, and Fundraising Chairperson.


What are the POPS Committees?  Sunshine, Spirit Wear, Special Shirts, Playground Spruce-Up, and Pumpkin Patch


What are the POPS Sponsored/Coordinated Events? Boo Hoo Breakfast, Teacher’s Welcome Back Luncheon, Playground Spruce-Ups, Pumpkin Patch, Trading Post, Christmas Party and Ornament Exchange, Christmas Program Reception, Teacher’s ½ Way There Luncheon, Welcome Spring Party, Teacher’s Farewell Luncheon, Graduation Reception, and Fundraising Events.


POPS Duties (a partial list)


The president runs meetings, calls special meetings.


The vice-president recruits new members, oversees the advisory committees, collects volunteer information, and assists the president.


The secretary keeps meeting minutes, updates the TCP website, and carries out formal correspondence for the POPS club.


The treasurer prepares and regulates the POPS budget, maintains financial records, and provides detailed reports for the POPS board.


The Hospitality Chairperson coordinates volunteers and menus for POPS events.


The Fundraising Chairperson coordinates fundraising opportunities and overseeing sub-committees to achieve fundraising goals.


The Sunshine Chairperson coordinate cards, gifts, or meals for life events of TCP members.


The Spirit Wear Chairperson coordinates purchase and distribution of TCP themed merchandise, including tote bags.


The Special Shirts Chairperson coordinates completion of T-Shirts for the Pumpkin Patch, Easter, and BBGF trips.


The Playground Spruce Up Chairperson coordinates maintenance of playground equipment twice a year.