Arrival and Departure Policy

Prompt arrival by 9:25am is encouraged to insure each teacher is able to begin the day as scheduled.  Parents must sign their child in each morning in the assigned "Welcome Room" location and sign them out in the afternoons at dismissal time.  Safe and appropriate behaviors in the "Welcome Room" is encouraged.  We request that morning communication with the teachers occur through a written note so that proper supervision is not interrupted.  Teachers will be available for discussions after class upon request.  


Please send a note to school with your child if a person other than those adults listed on the Release Authorization Form will be picking up your child.  ID will be required.  A $10 fee for late pick up will be charged if the responsible party is over 10 minutes late.  If special assistance is needed for arriving and departing with your child, please contact the Director.  The parking areas are in front of the church and at the Church Street side of the building.  The marked crosswalk must be used for safety purposes.  If your child will be absent from preschool, please call 757-868-6174, extention 16, before 9:00 am.  


Children with obvious signs of illness or fever will not be admitted to the session. Trinity Christian Preschool is not equipped to provide care to sick children.  If a child becomes ill during preschool hours, parents will be notified right away so that the child can be picked up.  Students must be fever/vomit/diarrhea - free for 24 hours before returning to preschool in consideration of the entire student body and staff - no exceptions.  


TCP will follow the guidelines set forth by the VA Department of Health Communicable Disease Reference Chart for School Personnel and the CDC's comprehensive index site for infectious childhood diseases regarding the exclusion of students diagnosed with such illnesses. All children with a confirmed illness that has required the attention of a medical professional will require the written authorization of that professional for the child to return to TCP before being readmitted to the classroom. TCP reserves the right to require a doctor’s note on a case-by-case basis. Doctor notes can be faxed to 757-868-7701 for your convenience. Letters informing the preschool community of illnesses will only be sent if the illness has been identified as a “reportable” disease and multiple cases have been confirmed.