Trinity Christian Preschool is covered by the church insurance policy with Lindberg & Assoc. Inc., LLC with the American Zurich Insurance Company.  Children will be carefully supervised at all times.  Safety is our highest concern.  The Preschool will administer first aid for minor injuries, such as a scraped knee.  However, parents will be notified immediately if a more serious injury occurs.  *Please keep your emergency contact information current.*  In the remote possibility that immediate emergency treatment is deemed necessary, the child may be transported to the requested hospital emergency room by ambulance accompanied by a member of TCP's staff and/or the adult authorized.  All expenses, including transportation, incurred, will be the sole responsibility of the parent/gardian.


Playground Safety


Very close supervision is maintained on the playground.  All areas of the premises accessible to children are free of obvious injury hazards.  A playground safety checklist is consulted to maintain a safe environment.  Children will be instructed in safe use of all equipment.  


Child Abuse and/or Neglect Reporting Policy


We adhere to Virginia legal code, which requires that we report all instances where child abuse or neglect is suspected.  All staff is trained to recognize the signs of child abuse and neglect.